Welcome to the ChurchBuilder Support Site

You can use the menu items along the top to navigate around the site. 


If you aren't sure which version of ChurchBuilder you are using, then you may need to ask your webmaster. If you are a webmaster and still aren't sure, then if you have "Site Admin" on your menu it will be either Essential or Engage, and if you have the option to turn on "superpowers" and go to "Site Builder" then it will be Extend.


If you are a church member and not a webmaster in charge of the set up of your church site, then you should get in touch with one of your webmasters if you can't find the help you need either here or on the help videos. If your webmaster doesn't know the answer to your question they can contact us directly for more help.


New features will be listed on the landing page for each manual so that you are kept up to speed with the latest developments.